Energy is the feeling, but actually not the goal

Because for us, it is all about what you do with the energy. What you create, conquer, change, or transform.

All which is possible with a good sleep.


Sovmer Wilhelmina

This new weighted duvet in finest cotton and silica beads takes your sleep to new heights. For your comfort, an exclusive and easy-to-wash soft cover is included which can be used with the duvet or separately as a blanket. Sovmers® weighted duvet in health-giving silicon provide the optimal sleep experience with its ability to shape around your body and adapt to your temperature.
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Sovmer Strömsund

Strömsund is a specially designed ergonomic pillow that follows your head and neck for maximum sleeping experience. It is made out of mite-free natural latex and is perforated with over 1500 small holes in Talalay technique, making it very breathable. This means that during sleep, the temperature is regulated while the neck, head and shoulders are relieved and can fully relax.
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Sovmer Soft Cover

A specially designed cover that can be paired with the Wilhelmina weighted duvet, or simply as a lovely blanket to use on the sofa or in bed. The soft and smooth material gives a pleasant and exclusive feel of well-being.
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Sovmer Duo

In the duo package, a Strömsund pillow and a Wilhelmina weighted duvet is included, as well as the soft cover. These products gives both good quality sleep and exclusive feeling of well-being with good health effects as a result. Sleep more, live more.
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– the benefits from using a weighted duvet.

Michaela Murray

Stress leads to impaired sleep, which makes us function less well in our daily lives and can lead to several disabilities. When you sleep, your brain processes what has happened that day and clears out waste products, it is the most important process for your well-being. Sleeping with a weighted duvet is an investment in yourself.

Margita Ingwall

With a weighted duvet, it is easier to fall asleep and the overall sleep-quality is improved by a lot meaning you wake up more refreshed. The weight of the duvet provides a similar experience to being embraced or massaged and your body produces feel-good hormones. Sleep more – live more.

Sven Stigart

One of the main reasons for addiction in any form or another is lack of sleep.  That is why I recommend all my clients to use a weighted duvet, it helps maintain quality of life and reduces the risk of mental illness.